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San Francisco Culinary Arts Academy

San Francisco Culinary Arts Academy

San Francisco Culinary Arts Academy

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the culinary arts and are looking for the best San Francisco culinary arts academy, you don’t have to look far. The California Culinary Academy is the excellent choice to start realizing that dream career.

This world-renowned San Francisco culinary arts academy has been around since 1977, providing its students with a fast but very comprehensive culinary arts education. The students at the California Culinary Academy receive world-class culinary arts, hospitality management, pastry chef, and personal chef training. This San Francisco culinary arts academy has linked with Le Cordon Bleu to provide students with interesting programs in baking, occupational studies, hospitality, and restaurant management. Aside from these programs, California Culinary Academy also boasts of providing other services like training in classical and contemporary techniques, small-sized classes taught by highly-skilled professionals, hands-on learning instruction outside the classrooms, and financial and academic assistance.

This San Francisco culinary arts academy is proud of its facilities. Its North Campus is located in the downtown area and is home to several on-campus public restaurants that are all staffed by the students themselves, an Asian kitchen with wok stations, and kitchens for demonstration as well as for production. Other facilities in the North Campus include a confectionery which makes chocolate and sugar art work a lot more interesting, garde manger kitchens, baking and pastry kitchens, and butcheries. The classrooms in this San Francisco culinary arts academy are equipped with wireless network access.

The South Campus lies on a 100,000-square foot area in Potrero Hill. It is located about three miles from the North Campus and was opened in 2004. The South Campus of this San Francisco culinary arts academy is proud of its new baking and pastry, and production kitchens, mixology lab and gaming room for learning bar and casino operations, and its lecture rooms. This campus will soon have a full-service, public restaurant that will be staffed by the students of the academy.

The California Culinary Academy offers the following culinary education programs: Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Degree Program, Baking and Pasty Arts Certificate Program, and Le Cordon Bleu Hospitality and Restaurant Management Degree Program. This San Francisco culinary arts academy boasts of educating some of the best culinary arts professionals, pastry chefs, and hospitality managers.

So why choose this San Francisco culinary arts academy? Aside from its commitment to provide the highest quality of culinary education to its students, it is also ideally located in the country’s top culinary and hospitality site. Numerous five star restaurants and hotels, and fine pastry shops are all over San Francisco, making it the best place to learn, hone, and acquire skills necessary to be a successful culinary arts professional.

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