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Latest Education News

Image from page 149 of “Syllabus of physical exercises for schools” (1911)
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: syllabusof11west00stra
Title: Syllabus of physical exercises for schools
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Strathcona Trust. Executive council
Subjects: Physical education and training ICOS
Publisher: Toronto : Copp, Clark
Contributing Library: The University of Western Ontario, Western Archives
Digitizing Sponsor: Ontario Council of University Libraries and Member Libraries

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Text Appearing Before Image:
ays AND downward. 4. Knee raising, leg stretching backward. (Hips firm.) 5. Arm swinging forward andsideways, with forwardlunge. (Arms forward andupward raise.) ^Alternate leg rasingA {Lying.Hips firm.)or. Trunk falling backward. {Kneeling, Arms bend.) 6. a. Trunk turning. (Left arm BEND. right hand NECKREST.) b. Trunk bending sideways.(Feet astride, arms up-ward stretch.) 7. a. Crosswise step. (Hands ON hips.)b. Skipping or jumping, or game. 8. Breathing. Arm turning out- ward AND inward. COMMANDS. c. Left (right) foot backward in lunge position—place. Recover—place. (The position thus attained is identical with a forward lunge of the right (left) foot.) Trunk backward—bend. Arms upward— stretch. Arms — bend. Trunkforward — bend. Arms upward —stretch. Trunk downward — bend.Trunk forward and upward—stretch.Arms—bend. (Left knee- stretch.change, i, -raise.) LegKnee — bend. backward-Knees – (Lie—do-ivn. Hips—firm.) Left (right)leg—raise. Leg—lower. {Stand.)

Text Appearing After Image:
t See Appendix A. SERIES C. 139 TABLE 63. EXERCISES. 1. a. Breathing. Arm raising FORWARD AND UPWARD, LOWERING SIDEWAYS ANDDOWNWARD. b. Foot placing forward and OUTWARD. Heel raisingand knee bending. (Hipsfirm, feet full open.) c. Heel raising with slozv arm stretching upward.(Arms bend.) 2. Trunk bending backward and forward, arm flinging.Trunk bending downward WITH ARM stretching UPWARD. (Arms across bend.) 3. Arm stretching sideways and UPWARD, with a pace FORWARDAND B.ACKWARD. 4. Heel raising and knee full bending. (Foot forward place, hips firm.)or, Knee raising with armraising sideways. 5. Arm flinging with backward LUNGE. (Arms across bend.) Prone falling^ 6. Trunk turning and bending sideways. (Feet astride, ARMS sideways STRETCH.) 7. a. Tapping step. (Hands on hips.)b. Marching on the toes with NECK REST.C. RUN.VING or GAME. 8. Breathing. (Hips firm.) COMMANDS.

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