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Latest Finance News

Overprints 1922
Image by National Library of Ireland on The Commons
This unusual shot from WD Hogan of stamps will mean a lot to the Philatelists among us! I have a great collection of stamps, many of them very old, but nothing as historic as these!

I have mapped the location as right in the middle of the GPO for this one, but I don’t think we will claim the "location Identified" tag – please take note derangedlemur

When researching the date this photograph was taken on, I came across the Dáil record for Tuesday 28th February 1922. I think it makes for a fantastic read. MR. MICHAEL COLLINS (MINISTER OF FINANCE) (and just a few months before his death and the start of the Civil war) is presenting the audited accounts. The following participate in the debate, CATHAL BRUGHA, MR. DE VALERA, MR. HARRY BOLAND, MR. AUSTIN STACK, MR. SEAN T. O’KELLY, MADAME MARKIEVICZ, MR. JAMES N. DOLAN, MR. SEAN MACENTEE, and PRESIDENT GRIFFITH among others.

See the full details here – Dáil Record 28th Feb 1922

Here is a small extract:

CATHAL BRUGHA: In regard to a particular item I would like to ask one question. The item is for “Special Defence, £4,050.” On whose authority was that money expended, I would like to know?

MR. M. COLLINS: That was a rushed amount; it should not have been charged like this. It should have been charged as a separate item. The Dáil Cabinet has been apprised of it, and they know exactly what it is. It should not have been put down as it is.

CATHAL BRUGHA: It should not have been in the Defence at all.

MR. M. COLLINS: No, it should not. If these items had been vouched none of them would have appeared here at all; but I suppose the London office being rushed, and Mr. O’Brien being away, they overlooked the matter. However, I am sure the vouchers will soon arrive.

Photographer: W. D. Hogan

Collection: Hogan-Wilson Collection ,

Date: 17th February 1922

NLI Ref.: HOG226

You can also view this image, and many thousands of others, on the NLI’s catalogue at

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