Chrissy Teigen and her Nintendo Switch have been reunited, and it feels so good

Just as Mario finds his Peach, Chrissy Teigen has found her Nintendo Switch—or something like that.

After a restless day of being separated from her Nintendo, the model and rightful Twitter queen was reunited with her gaming console. The Switch, which she left at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Springfield, Ohio, arrived via FedEx, and it was promptly unboxed by her hubby John Legend.

Twitter had seen Teigen Switch’n it up several times during the past week, posting photos and videos of her progress on Super Mario Odyssey.

If only this was the first time Teigen had lost a precious Nintendo device. In 2013, she lost all progress on her Animal Crossing town Beaverton (or B Verton, as she had to spell it) when she misplaced her Nintendo DS on a plane, and she had lost her Nintendo 3DS two months prior.

Of course, a fan asked her how she hadn’t learned her lesson from all those years before. Her response? “I lose what I use :(”

RIP to the rest of the devices Teigen’s lost along the way. At least this one somehow found itself back home.

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Author: Billy Roland

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