Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl gifted his high-top sneaker to a fan on crutches

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If you are, for some reason, ever in need of an extra shoe, Dave Grohl has your back. Or, more accurately, foot. 

At a recent concert, the Foo Fighters frontman helped out a fan suffering from a broken ankle and in need of a little foot protection.

During a backstage meet-and-greet with the Foo Fighters, fan @sabrynsucks showed up on crutches, due to an ankle injury. 

Per the fan’s now-viral tweet, Grohl’s own orthopedic doctor informed her that if she doesn’t wear shoes while on crutches, her ankle won’t heal. 

(Grohl famously has had his fair share of experience with serious leg injuries.)

Being the cool dude that he is, Grohl stepped up and offered the fan one of his hightop sneakers to wear over her ankle brace. 

If this man isn’t the nicest rockstar in the world, we don’t know who is. 

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Author: Billy Roland

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