Why opt for a Guam Wedding?

When it comes to planning for the big day, choosing the right place to hold the ceremony is very important. Guam is among the commonest overseas wedding destinations. This is quite understandable considering what the island has to offer.

First and foremost, with a Guam wedding you are almost guaranteed of a sunny wedding day. With the climate being warm and humid and most of the year making up the dry season, your wedding day will most probably be sunny. Nothing can spoil the moods of a wedding like waking up to a dark-clouded day capped with rains. With the weather here however, you can rest assured that the skies will remain clear especially if you slot your wedding day between December and June.

Like any other destination or overseas wedding, a Guam wedding allows you to experience a whole new culture. By combining American, Spanish and Filipino cultures, the Chamorro people in Guam have a rich culture that will set apart your wedding and make it be among the best experiences you and your guests ever had. From the exquisite meals to tantalize your taste buds to the music and games they play, your experience here will be nothing short of awesome.

Guam doubles up as a tourist destination and will make a great honeymoon destination for you and your new spouse. This will not only save you money but also save you the time and efforts you would have spend looking for a honeymoon destination. As soon as you say �I do’ your honeymoon begins without the need to travel elsewhere.

A Guam wedding will help you save money on the overall cost of your wedding. Compared to the traditional wedding you will have at home, a destination wedding will cost lesser especially if you are planning for a luxury wedding. It is actually a great excuse to cut on the number of guest who will attend the wedding. While at home everyone can make the time to attend, only those who really matter will attend your wedding away from home. You therefore have fewer people to plan for easing your budget greatly.

Author: Billy Roland

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