Passion Never Fails: Why you should always follow your passion

At some point in our lives, we may begin to question the reason of our existence. Whether it is about our careers, relationship, family, or friends, our inherent curiosity as human beings tend to influence our vision for a certain aspect of our lives. This is most especially true to people who are in their mid 20’s to their late 30’s. This period of self-reflection is more popularly known as the “Midlife Crisis”. This is often times accompanied by questions such as “Am I doing what am I supposed to be doing?” “Am I playing it safe and is just too afraid to take risks?” “What if I go this way? Is this the right path for me?” These questions may lead people to make impulsive decisions like quitting their stable job, buying an expensive car or even a house, females may even resort to self-enhancement like undergoing surgical procedures.

All these questions and sometimes impractical decisions are caused by the feeling of a person’s lack of his/her sense of direction in life. Most people in this stage would ask for a friend’s or a family member’s advice – and the answer we often hear is the phrase “Follow your passion.” You may have heard it already, but is following your passion the best thing to do when you need to give up everything you have at present in exchange for something uncertain but you know deep inside is right?
Thankfully, we have several successful people to back up the old-aged advice that following your passion is indeed the best decision you can ever make.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
As human beings and as professionals, whether we want to admit it or not, we always appreciate people who can take notice of our product at work. To make it short, in some way or another, we are creatures that tend to seek social validation. While it may be true that people are inspired to do great things to provide for their families, people also aim for greater things in life – such as making a difference in the society. This is where passion comes in. It is almost virtually impossible to do something great without genuinely loving what you do. Passion fuels us to push thru when things get tough – that you would not normally do when you are not wholeheartedly into something that you do.
So find your passion. Life is not about the number of years you have spent on your lifetime – life is about doing something that you are excited to do when you wake up. Life is about influencing others and continuing to do so.

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