Perez Hilton says he was suspended from Twitter over Taylor Swift tracklist


The tracklist of Taylor Swift‘s Reputation already has a reputation.

On Tuesday, the tracklist for her new album leaked online and proliferated on social media. While many fan accounts tweeted photos of the physical CD, blogger Perez Hilton claims he was suspended from his personal Twitter account on Tuesday for tweeting someone else’s photo of the list. He says someone from Swift’s label issued a takedown notice and then his account was suspended. (He’s now back on Twitter.)

Swift later posted the tracklist—which confirms a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future—on Instagram, but Perez said if a lawsuit were threatened, he’d “hit up the ACLU,” referencing Swift’s recent legal threat against a writer who penned a piece about the singer’s music and the white nationalist movement. Hilton claims he’s now felt “Taylor’s wrath.”

3 days until #reputation

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All of this is great table-setting for an album called Reputation, and it got fans engaging with the Swift brand for better or worse. In the lead-up to the release, Swift has been mostly absent from the public eye while she readjusts her image, but the machinations of the Taylor Swift publicity machine can still be seen. Maybe a feud with a gossip blogger is just one of its parts.

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Author: Billy Roland

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