Spotify is testing a new feature for your Discover Weekly playlist

If you love Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, but wish you could teach it some new tricks — you just might be in luck.

Mashable UK Social Media Producer Jennie Gale noticed Monday morning a new feature in her Discover Weekly playlist — a little heart, and a blocked sign, on the bottom left corner when a song is playing.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

When you hover over the line or circle, it says “like” or “don’t like.” 

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

And here’s an up-close view of the Dislike.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

However, her esteemed colleagues (myself included) didn’t see such a feature.

We got in touch with Spotify, who told us that they are indeed testing the like/dislike as a possible new feature for Discover Weekly, as they already have it for Daily Mix. However, there’s no news on when, or if, it’ll become a feature for everyone, because they are just testing it.

This is kinda fun — when you un-unlike something.

Image: screenshot/jennie gale

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is a popular feature, and people have used it to stream just under  5 billion tracks in a year. Plenty of people have been waiting for a like/dislike function to better train their algorithm-powered recommendations, so if the feature indeed makes it through it should be popular.

Some of the tweets about it go back to 2015 and 2016…

And joy from the chosen few for the test today.

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Author: Billy Roland

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