What Are the Types of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is another method of getting more customers and traffics. And, there are different types of email marketing and they are categorized based on various forms of messages that carrying.

Prior to knowing different types of email marketing, I would like to tell you what email marketing is? The email marketing is a process of sending a particular commercial message to a group of people. And, this kind of marketing targets only the people who accept email marketing with their own email.

In this broadcast email sending process, each and every commercial email is sent to the popular customers and as well as current customers. Typically, this email marketing process involves sending of ads and requesting for business to create awareness of the brand and also trust.

Types of email marketing:

The email marketing is divided into 3 different types based on the messages that carried out. Those are:

Transactional emails:

This kind of emails is used based on the actions of customer and also sends transactional or relationship messages. In addition to that, the transactional emails includes about password reset emails, dropped basket emails, order confirmation details, order or reorder status, purchase and like more.

Finally, the purpose of these transactional emails is sending information about the action that done by a customer on your page.

Direct emails:

This kind of direct email is used to send some promotional messages to the customer. In this method, a company collects a list of customers who are using the website for more times and as well as current customers and send emails about special offers or special products.

Mobile email marketing:

This kind of mobile email marketing increases the traffic through Smartphone devices. Here, emails are created based on the action of customers.

These are the 3 different types of email marketing.

Author: Billy Roland

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