Winning The Hearts & Minds of your Consumer by Becoming a Consumer Centric Business

There is an old saying that says “customer is always right”.  Indeed, such a saying was a great way of conducting business back in The “Relationship Marketing Era” (90’s – 2010) but this become hardly enough with the raise of social media.

Marketers defines the 2010 as the beginning of a new marketing era, “the social media/mobile marketing era”. In this era businesses need a new strategy to win the consumer over. In this era, a business needs to become a consumer centric.

So, What does it mean to be a consumer centric ? It meas to put the customer first and in the center of your business. As a business you can do that by:

  • Having Customer Focused leadership
  • Understanding your customers
  • Design the customer experience
  • Empower the front line of the business
  • Create Meaning Full Metrics
  • Get consumer feedback to improve the business
  • Act on them

Sound simple right ? It is indeed easier said than done. A lot of companies around the world today including the top 500 companies struggle to be a consumer centric companies. It is a major shift because being a consumer centric is not only about marketing, or customer service but about the complete structure of your business.

When looking at the companies that mastered consumer centric, you will find Amazon is in the lead. The company CEO Jeff Bezos has built the company strategy around consumer centric. It is the secret ingredient of Amazon success. Investors bid heavily on Amazon even when they are disappointed with the company not meting their profit targets. Amazon know what the people want, what the people looking for, and how it work its algorithm to make the consumer always happy even if that mean loosing money sometimes to keep then happy. This may sounds fool, but as a business think about the big picture. When you put your consumer first, consumer put your business first.


Author: maryor

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