3 Unmistakable Signs your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Being in the right relationship may be the best thing that can ever happen to a person — especially after an awful relationship experience in the past. A friend introduces you to the cute guy right at the corner of the bar, you talk to each other, he asks for your number, you gave him – after a couple of weeks, you told your friends that you found the one. Then of course, the inevitable happens. You feel like he suddenly turned cold, only to find out few weeks later that he is seeing your former college classmate, Becky. So how does one guy – the one you thought would be the man you are going to walk down with on the aisle, suddenly turned into a stranger – acting as if you two haven’t met before when both of you entered your favorite coffee shop at the same time? Neither your friends, nor us, would ever want to hear such painful story ever again.

To avoid the inevitable (hopefully), here are 3 ways to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you:

It takes too long for him to reply
Always remember this, it’s just a matter of setting your priorities. If it seems your partner constantly replies to your text messages a little later than before, or even sometimes not at all – chances are, he maybe spending that time texting or even calling someone else.
He always argue with you lately
Over a month ago, you told your friends about how sweet of a man he is. You make fun of random people you see on TV, poke each other at 12mn before sleeping, but the thing you love about him the most is that, he doesn’t forget to text you in the morning. But 4 weeks later, things have changed. The one you thought was the nicest person you have ever met disappeared. Now, he always seem to try to start an argument – even over just the little things. When people are guilty of something, it manifests with their actions. The tone of their voice raises, always irritable, and in denial.
He is now Mr. Excuses
In the past, asking him out was never a problem. He was probably the one who made the call and paid for the restaurant bills. But now, asking him out is like asking for Santa Claus to personally deliver your Christmas Gift on the 25th – NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN. Want to know why? It’s because he wants out! He is trying to subtly let you know that he is not interested anymore and that he wouldn’t bother to make time for you. Sounds awful right? Well, that’s the way it is.
Love isn’t something that we shouldn’t be afraid of. Without love, people wouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t have a purpose. Getting hurt is just part of the process – choosing to get hurt over the same person twice is a different story. So if you feel like the above mentioned apply to you, chances are, you are correct.

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