3 ways to be more Productive at Work

It’s almost 9:00 PM — 3 hours past your shift, and you’re still at the office. While all your colleagues, including your boss, are with their families watching the latest TV series on NETFLIX. Traditional business owners, managers, and executives, often equate employees’ long hours at work to their productivity – which in most cases, is not true.

Working long hours can take a toll on a person’s physique and can significantly affect a person’s level of productivity. Studies show that an employee’s level of productivity is not directly proportional to the number of hours he/she spent “working” at the office. Productive employees are vital to the success of every company. Thus, managers and executives should take in consideration the methods needed to enhance each employee’s level of productivity at work.
If any of your employees, staff member, or even you as a manager, is having a tough time being productive at work, here are few simple tips to help you boost your productivity at work:

Make a To-Do List
This one must be obvious. A To-Do List represents a simplified set of tasks that we often forget when we don’t have one. The ideal way is to make it before you leave the office. You may also include your personal tasks and make sure to have a highlight pen beside your desk.
Silence means YES to productivity
Many of you may disagree, but listening to music is actually a form of minor distraction that affects your level of productivity at work. The pleasant feeling you have when you hear your favorite song while doing your design project to be submitted ASAP doesn’t actually help you from focusing on your task. Instead, your focus is being directed to listening. So what’s the best way to focus at work? Less noise, and turn off your SPOTIFY if possible.
Take short breaks
You wouldn’t always think that taking breaks means getting more things done – actually, yes it does. Office employees don’t differ much to sports athletes. In the NBA, coaches often rest their star players just a few minutes before the end of the 3rd quarter – this is to ensure that they have fresh legs to close out the game. Same can be said for employees, especially when you are someone who gets paid to think. The average person can only do so much in a given period of time, that’s why rest is necessary.
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