Artist Proves Cats Are More Bread Than Youd Think

German-Japanese artist Mikiko has developed a scientific study that proved her cat is actually bread. Documenting her findings, she created a series of illustrations, so others can determine whether their own felines share the same condition.

“I have seen the ‘loafing’ phenomenon in many cats,” Mikiko writes. “Mine can’t be the only one who is actually bread!” The self-taught artist has come a long way to be able to conduct such a research. “In 10 years of freelancing I have worked for many clients with focus on cover illustration, storyboards and character design while also creating ortho sheets, concept art, all stages of comic-making, personal tutoring and live workshops at events. Her online gallery has 3.5 million clicks, making her #44 of the most-watched-artists-on-deviantart list. Her social media fan base is roughly 220k strong.

“I have seen the ‘loafing’ phenomenon in many cats”

“Mine can’t be the only one who is actually bread!”

Image credits: lizzikins


Image credits: thoughtfulTelemachus


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Image credits: Island cats


Image credits: Vera Luci

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Author: Billy Roland

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