Basic SEO Tips That Your opponents Don’t Want You to Know

Image result for Basic SEO Tips That Your opponents Don’t Want You to KnowSearch engine optimization is all about managing a website so that it can be on top on search engine results for fastidious keywords. The process of perfecting your website to rank well in the search results can be challenging, but these are the key elements that are clear-cut to apply and will help your broad search results.

  1. Recognize Your Keywords: Keywords are the words that your prospective customers will enter into a search engine when looking for information online about the products or services related to your business. A commonly used a keyword will have more competition and will be difficult to rank. But when a keyword is more specific the search results will be more defined and will have a much better opportunity to appear in the search results.
  2. Page Format: Search engines make an index of all websites as they trawl through the internet. This index is used to deliver search engine results and better results come from having your keyword correctly located in your page format. Ensure that you use your keyword in the title of your page, the first sentence and in subheadings on the page. Also try to use your keyword as an anchor text. These are the highlighted words that will open a specific webpage when clicked.
  3. The Content: Update the content your website on a regular basis. A great way to do this is to write a regular blog. Preferably, your page should have around 500 to 1000 words containing between 4 to 8 keywords. Memorize than content is king and you need to write information that is unique and worthwhile and that can be easily read by people, not just by search engines. If you just stuff a page full of keywords your website will be marked as spam and not get ranked at all.
  4. Link Building: Link building is the process of creating links back to your website from third party websites. Search engines view backlinks as an indication of the popularity and value of the content on a website. Generally, increasing the number of back links pointing to a site will improve that website’s search ranking but ensure that the links coming into your website, or backlinks, are from quality websites and not just spam websites made up of keywords. Poor backlinks will lower your rankings.
  5. Use of Images: Although search engines cannot ‘read’ images they can read the descriptions that you give to your images. Each photo, image or graphic should have a keyword attached to it. Images also make the page more attractive for your readers and can draw the reader in to read your content in more detail.



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