Business Innovation: How To Win Big By Thinking Small

Question: What’s the best way to fail in business?

Answer: By being the same to all people.

Society told us that by having more means greater opportunities — better service, and an even bigger chance for success.

This same idealism, however, doesn’t always seem to be the case for majority of small business owners. Many startup owners tend to believe that by offering more options to their customers — they can answer their needs more effectively — only to find out that the result is the exact opposite.

This can be observed in almost all industries — from food startups to even established tech companies, almost the same can be said.

So how can businesses avoid this so-called “Think Big” dilemma in its most critical stage? Here are 3 tips for startup owners who want to Win Big by Thinking Small.

Make it Simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Steve Jobs. When Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, he told us how having a physical keyboard in mobile phones was such a pain in the @#*. He continued by saying that by having this ugly little thing on our phones disable us from getting things done. “What if after a few months we discovered something great and wanted to have it on our phones? We simply can not do it on keyboard phones.” He added.

So what did he do?

He made a phone with a giant screen and without any physical buttons. The decision drew criticisms from the media and product experts telling that eliminating the physical keys would be a disaster  and would not work. In less than a year, people  had their lives in their pocket.

Always have a plan

Because of the rise of technology and social media in particular, the barrier of entry for aspiring business owners is clearly trimmed down. Thus, creating a false sense of confidence that anyone can start their own business at given time — without keeping in mind their available resources and not having a contingency plan. These business owners believe that by just having an online presence can make their businesses a startup success story.

Reach for the starts, but keep your feet on the ground

Dreaming isn’t bad after all — as this is what fuels entrepreneurs to push through with their ideas. Business is about having a vision, a passion to solve the worlds’ greatest problems and creating a solution that can eventually change the world. So go for it, dream big, but always look back, be grateful, and learn from your mistakes.

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