Effective Stress Management


What is stress?

Stress is anything that makes an individual feel challenged or threatened. If one use stress to motivate himself for betterment, that is what we called the good stress. But, if stress starts to affect your mental and physical health you should be cautious as this is bad for you. It might lead to mental and emotional drain and illness.

There are a lot of factors why people are getting stressed, probably because of work, home issues, personal or sometimes, it is how you respond to your daily life challenges.

Always remember, you should not let stress take the best out of you, Instead, find ways how to effectively manage it and take it positively. As they say, life can be somehow boring when you never get stressed.

Here are some tips for effective stress management:

Be Calm

In every situation you’re facing, It is very helpful to take a second to stop and compose yourself. Take a very deep breath ( inhale all those stress ) and breath it out (exhale that stress away). Some people have different styles on how to calm themselves. Some say “ who-sa”, Some people make grips on something tightly as they release power, the stressed nerves somehow calm down or drink a glass of water.

Put a smile on your face

Think of happy thoughts. Bring yourself into your own happy place. Try to recall happy moments, memorable life events, Think of your goals and dreams in life or simply watch your favorite comedy movie or watch funny clips on youtube. Once you start laughing, believe it or not, you can’t stop it and it’s a very good way to release all the negative energy in our body that can make you think straight, focus and of course, nothing can make you look and feel younger but a consistent smile on your face.

Find your comfort zone

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, you can always have your own comfort zones. For introverts, you can go to a place where you can find peace. A place that is far from the busy life of the metro, less crowded places, have your favorite coffee or tea or treat yourself with something that excites you the most like books, clothes or food. For extroverts, you can spend some time with your close friends and families. Try to have some fun filled adventures that can make you divert your attention from thinking too much.

And lastly,


Nobody can motivate you better but yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and reflect. Encourage yourself to look better. Give yourself some power words like “ I look so good today!” , “ I can do this”,

“ I’m the best “. “ I deserve better than this “ so on and so forth.

Stress will always be part our daily life no matter how big or small it is, what matters most is your attitude towards accepting it and how you bring happiness to you.


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