Hannity Flips Out After Seeing His NY Times Magazine Cover Photo

Sean Hannity really doesn’t like the picture the The New York Times chose for its cover story of him in the newspaper’s Sunday magazine. 

“Look at that,” the Fox News host complained on his show on Tuesday. “I mean, could you pick a worse picture?”

He also tweeted: 

The center image below is the one used on the cover, with the headline “How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?”

Hannity doesn’t like any of them. 

“They all suck,” he said. “They took hundreds and hundreds of pictures. This is the best they could take? Not exactly flattering.”

The Times defended the photos. 

“Our photography team was delighted by how energetic and animated Sean Hannity was at the photo shoot,” a Times spokesperson told The Hill.  

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Author: Billy Roland

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