Here’s The Official List Of Who’s Walking In The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Who Is Walking In The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Here’s The Official List

The countdown is on to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The catwalk of all catwalks will be broadcast to our living rooms Nov. 28. The actual show is taking place in Shanghai, China Nov. 20 so there will be tons of social media buzz before the air date. You’ll want to sharpen your Instagram game to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the action. The VS models have truly become huge celebrities living insanely cool lives, so they’re worth a follow. Who is walking in the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? The star-studded runway is one you won’t want to miss.

I think one of the biggest surprises to fans was that half of our favorite modeling sister duo, Gigi Hadid, dropped out of the show very last minute. The model posted on her personal Twitter account Nov. 16,

This news coming straight from Gigi herself made fans upset. She did say, “can’t wait for next year,” which insinuates she still has a good relationship with VS and will be in the show next year.

Although one Hadid sister will be absent, there’s still a plethora of other famous faces you’ll see in the show. Below are the familiar faces and newcomers that you can expect to see in the 2017 VS Fashion Show.

The Angels

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Of course, it couldn’t be the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show without the angels — they are the backbone of the VS brand. According to Victoria’s Secret, the 14 angels are: Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo (may not be walking due to pregnancy), Lily Aldridge, Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, Sara Sampaio, Martha Hunt, Stella Maxwell, Lais Ribeiro, Jasmine Tookes, Romee Strijd, and Taylor Hill.

We know them, we love them, many of them have been rumored to be dating Harry Styles, and it truly wouldn’t be the VS Fashion Show without these 14 gorgeous ladies.

Bella Hadid

Although her sister, Gigi, won’t be joining the VS crew in Shanghai, we will still have Bella. After making her debut in the 2016 show, she’s back for another year. The model divulged the big news via Instagram on Aug. 26. She said,

See you Shanghai, Bella. You’re repping the whole Hadid clan now.  

Karlie Kloss

This was an exciting reveal. Karlie Kloss has graced the VS runway before, but has been absent from the show since 2015. I’m sure her return will be triumphant AF.

Herieth Paul

Herieth Paul will be taking her talents to Shanghai to walk in her second VS Show. When she revealed that she would be walking again in the show on Instagram, Paul said,  

There’s no doubt that she will blow us away on the runway.

Liu Wen

Liu Wen is a favorite on the VS runway. She’s been walking since 2009, and was actually the first Chinese model to ever be in the show, according to Glamour.

Maggie Laine

Round two for Maggie Laine, leggoooo.

Leila Nda

Leila Nda walked in the 2015 VS Show, and is back again in 2017.

Daniela Braga

Daniela Braga is extremely inspirational. When she announced on Instagram that she would be walking for the fourth time on the VS catwalk, she revealed the struggles that she faced in her life. Bullying, depression, and lack of support couldn’t keep her away from her dreams.

Jourdana Elizabeth

Jourdana Elizabeth is bringing her energy back to the runway for another year.

Cindy Bruna

This will be Cindy Bruna’s fifth time walking down the VS catwalk. As you can see in the video above, she brings a ton of sparkle.

Kate Grigorieva

Kate Grigorieva first made her debut in the VS Show in 2014 so she is no stranger to the excitement.

There have been rumors circulating that Grigorieva is among a group of Russian models that were denied Chinese visas. This would mean she would not be able to attend the event. She posted on Instagram Aug. 23 confirming she would be in the show, but has not commented on the Chinese visa rumors.

Sui He

Making her debut in 2010, Sui He is back for another year on the VS runway.  

Maria Borges

Maria Borges is a familiar face on the VS runway — she’s been walking in the show since 2013. Borges made headlines in 2015 for wearing her hair natural on the runway. She described that moment to by saying it, “was one the sexiest moments of my career so far.”

Barbara Fialho

Barbara Fialho has been walking in the VS Fashion Show since 2012 — it’s great to have her back for another year.

Sanne Vloet

VS is welcoming Sanne Vloet for her third year on the runway. I’m low-key wondering where she got her jeans in the photo above. Sanne, if you’re reading this, DM me.

Kelly Gale

Don’t miss Kelly Gale for her fourth VS Fashion Show.

Irina Sharipova

Irina Sharipova is slotted to make her second VS runway appearance. There are rumors that she is one of the Russian models who will not be able to attend because of problems with her Chinese visa. The model has not confirmed if these reports are true.

Alanna Arrington

Alanna Arrington is welcomed back for her second year at the VS Fashion Show. Keep an eye out for her signature curls.

Devon Windsor

Devon Windsor is a total VS Fashion Show pro who has walked five years in a row.

Lameka Fox

Keep an eye out for Lameka Fox during her second VS Fashion Show.

Georgia Fowler

Georgia Fowler will return the the VS runway for a second time. She’s rumored to be dating Nick Jonas, so keep an extra sharp eye out for him in the crowd.

Blanca Padilla

Blanca Padilla has been training like an angel lately because she will again hit the VS runway in Shanghai.

Leomie Anderson

Leomie Anderson has the most contagious smile of any VS model, in my opinion. She has been welcomed back to the runway for her third show.

Xiao Wen Ju

Xiao Wen Ju is gracing the runway for her second year.

Zuri Tibby

Zuri Tibby will be bringing her flare back again to the VS catwalk.

Megan Williams

Megan Williams will be strutting her stuff for a second year in Shanghai.


This is Dilone’s second year on the VS runway. I highly recommend you give her a follow on Instagram, she is seriously so, so funny.

Grace Elizabeth

Grace Elizabeth announced on Instagram Aug. 24 that she will be walking for the second time on the VS runway.

Estelle Chen

This will be Estelle Chen’s first time on the VS runway. According to , Chen auditioned for the show in 2016 when it was in her hometown of Paris. The rejection pushed her harder and better prepared her for 2017 when she landed a spot on the famous catwalk.

Grace Bol

Grace Bol will be bringing her edgy style to the VS runway for the first time in Shanghai. I can’t wait to see what look Bol will rock during the show.

Bruna Lirio

Bruna Lirio is another newcomer you can expect to see during the 2017 show.

Gizele Oliveira

Bruna Lirio’s BFF, Gizele Oliveira, also snagged a spot on the VS runway for the first time ever. Now, that’s a power couple.

Alecia Morais

Alecia Morais has been welcomed for her first VS Fashion Show — it’s sure to be an unforgettable night.

Alexina Graham

There will be some redhead representation on the VS runway this year thanks to newcomer, Alexina Graham.

Dasha Khlystun

Dasha Khlystun is a Ukrainian model who is also under speculation that her Chinese visa was not approved. The model has not commented on if these reports are true or false. According to her Instagram, on Aug. 26 she was at a fitting for the VS Show — this is her debut year on the runway.

Vanessa Moody

Welcome newcomer, Vanessa Moody, to the VS fam.

Aiden Curtis

This will be Aiden Curtis’ first walk down the VS runway.

Amilna Estevao

Amilna Estevao will be hitting the runway for her first year.

Julia Belyakova

Julia Belyakova is a newcomer to the VS Fashion Show. She is another Russian model who has rumors floating around that she was not able to get her Chinese visa approved. However, on Nov. 16, Belyakova posted to Instagram saying, “#Shanghai #beijing we are coming for ya,” alluding to the fact that she will indeed still be in the show.

Mayowa Nicholas

Mayowa Nicholas will take her first strut down the VS runway in Shanghai.

Nadine Leopold

Nadine Leopold is a newcomer to the VS family.

Victoria Lee

Even though it’s her first year in the show, Victoria Lee has the perfect name for the gig.

Frida Aasen

This will be Frida Aasen’s first year on the VS runway.  

Roosmarijn De Kok

According to the Roosmarijn De Kok’s Instagram, she’s worked for VS the past three years, but this will be her debut on the famous catwalk.

Samile Barmannelli

This will be Samile Barmannelli’s first year in the VS Fashion Show. I love in the video above she almost cries, but doesn’t want to ruin her makeup. Relatable AF.

Well, there’s your 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show lineup. Keep an eye out for all the beauties above during the event on Nov. 28 airing on CBS.

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