Important and useful fashion tricks everyone must know!!!

  • Image result for fashion tricks everyone must knowDressing all in one color will elongate your figure
  • Heels and platforms are great for adding extra height
  • Pointy flats will also do the trick, and they’ll look super good on you, especially if you combine them with a miniskirt
  •  High-waisted jeans are your new best friend gives you a hot looking figure. The cut will make your legs look longer, but be careful! Your torso will look shorter.
  • Wear a decent tank top among your button-up and your sweater to create a slimming impact. The tank pinnacle will press the shirt tightly against your torso, hiding extra material and buttons from sight.
  •  Affix a magnetic strip to your bathroom wall, so you can keep track of all of your beauty products. Genius!
  • Throwing your jeans in the wash can cause them to cut back and fade. An alternative is to freeze them. The usage of a spray bottle, spray your jeans with distilled white vinegar. Wipe down grimy areas with a damp with the washcloth. Smartly fold your denim into a plastic freezer bag. Place them in the freezer for one week. Take them out, wipe them down. Now your jeans are as clean and crisp as new.
  • Make your footwear smelling fresh by inserting a baking soda pouch. We recommend a coffee filter and a ribbon.
  • Before you drop that old sweater off at the Goodwill, cut off the sleeves and use them as leggings. Stay warm, girl!
  • Your accessories make a statement about who you are. Don’t go overboard, but choose pieces that are unique and that make you shine.
  • You can be dressed in a mega-bucks designer gown. But you’ll look dowdy unless you have the confidence to carry it off. No matter what you wear even a pair of women’s jeans and a T-shirt, hold your head high and know that you belong.
  • The wrong shoes can ruin an otherwise spectacular outfit. Make sure your shoe style is in sync with the style of your clothes.
  • Don’t be a slave to fashion. Have fun with it and don’t fret too much about every little thing. Do Experiment. Be bold. You may even surprise yourself.
  • Remember those old clothes from last season or last year? Give them to a deserving charity. Your castoffs are sure to make someone else’s day

Follow above tricks and stay tuned with changing trends!!

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