How To Lose Body Fat Properly?

Getting rid of the excess fat stored in the body is an important issue not only for the aesthetic aspect, but also for the well-being of the body. And is that, being overweight gives rise to a lot of diseases harmful to it.
The problem itself is not wanting to burn fat; It is normal and it is okay to want to do it, but the existing alternatives do not end up being correct or simply become like an entire torment.
However, the fault of the problem lies not in the illogical insistence of using the different solutions, but in the ignorance of most people.
Generally, the result of ignorance, they end up using the first in the list of alternatives.
Misleading alternatives
On occasion, avoiding fatigue to investigate the issue leads people to rely on the first thing they find on television or magazines, as day after day they are bombarded with information about weight loss.
The following are the most common misleading fat-burning alternatives offered by advertising:
Reducing belts.
Pills to speed up metabolism.
Clothing burns fat.
Miracle Elixirs.
Electronic devices.
Continuing with the list could become infinite. The funny thing is that all the products mentioned in it have a characteristic in common, do not need to be accompanied by activity or physical exercise.
What is the secret to burning fat?
This is the question that many of us ask ourselves, considering the resounding failure of most of the products mentioned in the article to achieve the main goal, which is fat elimination.
Beyond being a secret, the answer lies in knowing yourself in terms of body mass. It would be illogical to approach a change of diet without even knowing in what weight we find ourselves .
The first step to recognize our body is based on the knowledge of metabolism.
This is the process by which nutrients ingested in the diet become the energy necessary for the body to fulfill all the functions of it.
These include:
The breathing
The secretion
The digestion
Also, it is essential to keep in mind that in each person this works differently.
This process depends on three fundamental factors, which are:
Thermogenesis of physical activity: The burning of fat depends on the exercise performed. It is directly proportional, which means, the more physical effort the more calories are burned .
Thermogenic effect of food: Our body uses energy to assimilate the main nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fat).
Basal Metabolism: Amount of energy consumed by the body under normal conditions (without physical effort).
Calories are a source of energy for the body , and are obtained through food ingested in the diet.
They are necessary to live and relative to the functioning of the body, either at rest or in normal conditions.
The calories consumed in the diet should be controlled in order to decrease the weight and burn the excess fat. However, regulation should be done with caution in order to avoid problems in the body.
Caloric deficit
This state occurs when the body uses more calories than it gets through food. This factor is considered as the secret to burn fat properly.
If you have too much adipose tissue, it is recommended to keep the body in caloric deficit. That way we will achieve our goal.
How to get into caloric deficit?
As explained throughout the article it is possible to reach this state.
By adopting a diet by which calories are subtracted per day and in turn, by increasing the metabolic rate, perfect balance can be achieved.
Recommendations should be taken step by step ; If changes in diet are exaggerated, the body in general may be compromised in various health problems.
On the other hand, being mistaken or confused could lead to a diet where the calorie deficit is the reverse. Thus, there would be surplus energy and body weight would increase uncontrollably.

It is not bad to try to elaborate a routine of physical exercise and a diet according to each one. However, it is best to go to a health professional, especially a nutritionist.

Author: Billy Roland

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