Phuket Wedding- The Benefits, Tips and Guide for Wedding in Phuket

Overseas weddings are gaining popularity around the world. Phuket being one of the prevalent wedding destinations lets you plan the ultimate personalized and one-of-a-kind event. The best part is that you can plan the Phuket wedding while you are still in your home country. Below are some of the benefits of wedding in this exotic and renowned location.



One of the greatest boons of a Phuket wedding is that you will get to save lots of money. With the array of magnificent and affordable wedding venues, you can blend the wedding ceremony and honeymoon destination all in one.

Beautiful Scenery

Wedding in Phuket gives you the freedom to choose from a wide variety of hillside and beach locations filled with awe-inspiring and natural beauty.

Thai Style 

By having your wedding in Phuket, you will have a chance to blend in the Western and Thai wedding patterns in your event. For instance, you can opt for an exquisite Thai buffet, giving your guests a chance to enjoy Thai’s delightful local dishes.


Have a day wedding- Phuket wedding venues tend to be pricey for evening events. Add a spin to your D-day by celebrating early and ending early.

Get a spacious venue- Wedding ceremonies involve lots of dancing and music. To make your guests happy, ensure that there is plenty of room for everyone to party.

Consider the weather- The climatic condition of Phuket Island is tropical. Consequently, avoid holding your party in the afternoon glare. What’s more, arrange to have air conditioning units at the reception.


It is prudent to arrive in Thailand early so that you have enough time to complete the legal procedures. You are required to complete the documentation work before your wedding event kicks off.

First off, you will need to visit your country’s embassy in Bangkok and fill in a statutory declaration form. This document is then translated into Thai, along with your passport. Secondly, certify both the original and translated copies at the Department of Consular Affairs. Finally, visit the local civil registry office to register your marriage.

Author: Billy Roland

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